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Digital Signage

In an increasingly technological, connected and digital world, companies need to change their way of communicating. And to contribute to this transformation, audiovisual formats stand out because of the numerous benefits they provide to your business

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This technology consists of a system where one or more screens have their content managed via the internet, in a centralized and programmable way to display targeted information, for specific audiences, at certain days and times, among others.


As important as the quality of the product / service and the customer service, the experience has become a differential and a highlight in the preference of consumers. And there’s no shortage of creativity when brands want to charm their consumers! The important thing is to let the consumer use, feel, and experience the full benefits of the product / service through a complete and innovative experience so that he can identify himself and is certainly more likely to buy. And to help your business with this mission, VTT has the solution you need!

✓(RFID / Bar Code): suggestion of products when the customer brings the product closer to the screen, impacting him or her with more information such as messages from a specialist and suggestions for additional products.

Lift & Learn: suggestion of products when the customer takes a product off the shelf, impacting him or her with more information such as benefits, ways of use, among others.

Passing by and presence sensors: suggestion of products when the customer is in a certain spot of the store, impacting him or her with more information about products / services


VTSign is a proprietary, fully customizable system with features to meet the needs of all types of businesses.

Multiple content channels
Various display layouts
Scheduled content display
Definition of segmented campaigns (by period, region, season, days, times, etc …)
Real-time and automatic price change (Integration with POS)
Local management portal
Online monitoring and customizable reports
Indicators / Dashboards
Touch / WayFinder Solutions
Interactivity with social networks
Internal radio / ambient sound solution
Integration with other systems

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